Gametime mops

Designed specifically with high school athletics teams in mind, the Gametime Mop is lightweight and professionally engineered to withstand regular use during timeouts, in between periods, or during play to dry slick surfaces. Stop wasting time looking for a dirty rag to dry up some sweat—grab your Gametime Mop and get back to the game.

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Sponsorship Opportunity

How do we sell a Gametime Mop sponsorship?

Gametime Mops are a great opportunity to bring in additional sponsorship revenue to your program. During timeouts, in between periods, or when there’s a slick surface during play, bring out your Gametime Mop to give your sponsor uninterrupted court time. We offer a sponsorship package which includes two Gametime Mops with your sponsor’s logo on them as well as two custom-designed t-shirts with your sponsor’s logo on them, so whoever is responsible for the Gametime Mop at that game can don the sponsor’s branding, increasing visibility.

Are the mop pads machine-washable?

All Gametime Mops are equipped with machine-washable mop pads. The machine-washable pads are easy to remove, can be thrown in with a normal load of laundry, then re-attach easily with hook-and-loop technology. We also include a bonus set of mop pads with each Gametime Mop purchase, so while you’re washing one set, you can still use your Gametime Mop to get back in the game.

What shapes and sizes do you offer?

We offer Gametime Mops in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, square, rectangle. Standard sizes are 23”x23”, 23”x18”, and 35”x6”. The smallest overall mop we can print is 18”x6”.

How long does it take to make my Gametime Mops?

After you place your order, your custom Gametime Mops generally ship in 7-10 business days. Round and custom-shaped designs might take longer. An order is not considered placed until both artwork approval and payment/school purchase order are received.

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